Newcastle or Parramatta



Just trying to workout where to focus my telepathic energies this weekend. Obviously I'll be sending it all towards to the tiges to beat the roosters, but when that game is over - who should I go for in the remainder of the knights/eels game…any thoughts?

Obviously if we win and the knights lose, we are back in the 8 - so that would be ace. But do we really want Parra still in the hunt breathing down our necks? Or do we want the knights to win, hopefully end the eels chances, then bank on the fact that the knights will still not do enough to be ahead of us come the end of the regular season. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush so I'm leaning towards hoping for an eels win.....
I think Newcastle are due for a turnaround in performance.

If they remotely start playing for each other as they did in the first half of the season they should have Parra's measure.
The eels need to have their momentum snuffed out very soon. I don't want them overly motivated when we play them in a fortnight. I'll be cheering on the knights…
I think I will be cheering for the knights in a tight affair.
The Knights are likely to lose the next week, as they are playing melbourne
but the eels will most likely beat the warriors the following week.
So I think it will be better for the eels momentum to be halted.
Knights for me, theyve also got a tougher run home then Parra, so they have more chance of losing their games after this one anyway.
I too, will be hoping the Novocastirans to get the 2 points against Parra. I want them and Souths far away from Wests as possible. Even if Newcastle win, and the Tigers win, yet we're still 9th, it doesn't concern me too much. As long as the focus is to keep winning one game at a time, building on the momentum, the rest will fix itself. 5 weeks to go….its to early to start worrying, hoping and wishing for other results to go Wests way.
Its a tough game to pick. I think the Knights can win it but if they don't it is to the Tigers advantage as the Knights will be on a slide that would be hard to fix before the end of the season.
I tipped the Eels based on theirs and the Knights last few performances but I wouldn't be surprised if the Knights turn it around and beat them… very hard game to pick.
I think the Eels will win but I'd prefer the Knights to win. I'd like to see the Eels lose their momentum and because the Knights have a tough run home they could well miss the 8 even if they do beat the Eels.
i have a nasty feeling that the Tigers and Parra game will decide both their seasons destiny :confused:
@Geo. said:
Draw…injuries out of the game...Hayne, Hindmarsh and Moi Moi

Took the words right out of my mouth…...must of been while you were....ah ah nevermind :confused:
yeah this one is a tough one, finally went for the knights as I don't want parra on a roll or still in the hunt
Eeels to win in a tough encounter that sees them lose the majority of their squad for the next 5 weeks.
@weststigers said:
@Geo. said:
Draw…injuries out of the game...Hayne, Hindmarsh and Moi Moi

Took the words right out of my mouth…...must of been while you were....ah ah nevermind :confused:

As long as Hayne is injured right at the end because he is in my fantasy team and he's my captain! :stuck_out_tongue:
i think the knights can win this game.
they had a un-acceptable loss last week to the team who is coming last.
their pride will be hurt, amd will be out to make amends.

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