It would've been a Charlie Chaplin movie with piano accompaniment, before those new fangled talkies.
I remember going to the Palatial Picture Theatre in Burwood with my Mum to see either 7 Brides for 7 Brothers or 3 Coins in The Fountain [to long ago to remember clearly which one] and some bloke played a great big organ at intermission.
I think that was the year just after Charlie Chaplin played :ROFLMAO:
Remembering Dr. Victor Chang on the anniversary of his birth, born Chang Yam Him, November 21, 1936 in Shanghai, China, cardiac surgeon and pioneer of modern heart transplantation in Australia. On April 8, 1984 a team of doctors lead by Chang operated on 14 year old Fiona Coote who became Australia's youngest heart transplant patent. He was killed on July 4, 1991 in a failed extortion attempt. He was aged 54.

Just as an aside, I met a retired anesthetist who was working on Dr Chang's transplant team on the morning of his death. Word was "secretly" conveyed by police to the 2nd doctor in charge as to what happened, and remembering that all heart transplant operations need to be to the minute, the "normal" transplant operation proceeded without Dr Chang, and without the rest of the team realizing what had really happened happened.
The transplant operation was a complete success.
Dr Chang's team were devastated when they were told of the murder.
Dr Chang's legacy is that the transplant procedures continue to this very day.

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