The clashes that matter


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Jul 14, 2009
Farah v Ennis

despite all the "I'm just concentrating on my own game" type of thing from these 2 … they know it's always more than that when they clash and everyone else does too . It's Elias v Fenech without the punchups at the scrums . Although Ennis will take every opportunity to remind Farah who is wearing the Blues number 9 atm .

Somehow Ennis has convinced many people that he's a SOO player when the reality is he's an over-rated shoveller who takes wrong options and has the creativity of a sponge cake .

Farah has struggled for consistency although the last 2 games have been better . hopefully that trend continues .

Gibbs v Hannant

who can forget the scenes after fulltime of the last game ? The joseph smith devotee doing anything but turn the other cheek to the apparent taunts from Gibbs . whichever of thses 2 takes the kick-off return knows that the other will be homing in like an exocet missile to assert early dominance . Sadly Bryce has come off 2nd best in previous clashs with the Bulldogs and if he wants to go to another level this is a battle he must win .

Forget Kimmorley , Ennis , Idris ... stopping Hanant and his offloads is the key to stopping the Bulldogs .
Idris v Tuqiri

If these 2 meet in a tackle it'll be the hairiest tackle since Hemsley and Robinson .

With the help of his channel 9 fan club , Idris has conned his way into the blues team despite being one of the weakest defensive centres in the game . In round 26 last year the quick stepping tigers attack made him look very ordinary . I expect the Benji/Lawrence/lote combination will give Jamal nightmares .