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Jul 20, 2009
Before i start, sorry i don't see many state cup or BRET/Wests games so i havn't included in my side any of them.
1\. Gallant / Moltzen

-Still not a huge fan of gallant in defense. Really needs to know how to tackle.
-Still like moltzen been at back, with his brilliant game brain can inject himself the same way slater does. However his defensive positioning is gotta be the worst of any fullback ive ever seen.

2\. TNT ChewaTeryaki!

- Do u need to say anything. You can't drop the leading try scorer of the NRL!

3\. Ayshford

- Has been solid, Bit of a ball hog yes. Needs to build a good combination with Winger Ryan/Brown

4\. Lawrence

- Missed his attacking flair and pace somewhat, but obviously set up TNT for so many of his tries. Solid in D. Great centre

5\. Ryan/Brown

- Id probably put Beau in. Just because of his back half of the season was pretty much solid as. I really didnt like him, he has grown on me somewhat
- Brown as depth or if Beau hasnt resigned (which im unsure)

6\. Marshall

- Our best player. We dont play traditional roles, and for some reason benji doesnt like lucky 7 on his back so leave it at 6.

7\. Lui/Molzten

- I like lui, sure first 2 games he was pretty quiet. Against the titans he pulled out some nice shit (and a few mistakes but everyone was making those!!)
- i like moltzen, i really want him to be in the team. but i want lui to play as well. this is my big dilemma in 7\. and 1.

8\. Laurie

- gibbs is too dumb. payne turns his back before he hits the line. galea ducks under defenders (but i rate him best of those 3)
- Laurie has been a bad bad boy. I know we should be promoting discipline rah rah. But for someone who we could tame into our Fui Fui, he is worth one last roll of the dice.
his first misdemeanor offield and id have him gone however.

9\. Farah

- Rest him the whole break, let him get to full fitness and then ease him into some light training maybe 1-2 weeks for the season starts. He has talent and is the backbone of our attack. But his injuries have been letting him down (please also stop him kicking)

10\. Galloway

- We saw it before he got injured. Saw it against Titans. This guy is a champion Prop.

11\. Gareth

- dont need to say anything

12\. Tupou i guess

- Kinda out of options for here so id have to say Tupou (if hes fit)

13\. Heighnton

- out of options again? Rhino i guess? Galea :S!?

14\. Payten

- Has a very good work ethic and runs hard (loses puff a bit easily) so have him as a impact of the bench

15\. Shirnack

16\. Need another PROP!!!!

17\. Taumata / Brown / Daniella

- think we have good depth in a backline and should be able to shuffle injuries most likely anywhere!

Feel free to discuss options/ Put up your 17


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Jul 12, 2009
1\. Gallant
2\. TNT
3\. Ayshford
4\. Lawrence
5\. Tupou/Ryan
6\. Marshall
7\. Moltzen
8\. Gibbs
9\. Farah
10\. Galloway
11\. Ellis
12\. Galea/Flannagan (Havnt seen flanno play, galea is off contract too isnt he?)
13\. Heino
14\. Taumata/Brown/Daniella
15\. Payten
16\. Skandallis
17\. Shirnack

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