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    Your team against the Panthers

    1. Daine Laurie 2. Nofa 3. Toa 4. Tupuo 5. Maumalo 6. Doueihi 7. Hastings 8. Tamou 9. Brown 10. Musgrove 11. Garner 12. Offa 13. Matamua 14. Simpkins 15. Utoikamanu 16. Tumeth 17. Pole
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    Mick Potter anyone?

    What about toovey could he get the team goin?
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    Kelma Tuilagi

    Missed the game how did he go tonight?
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    Hope seyfarth gets another contract and comes back next year and smashes Josh a can't spell his last name but would be good to see
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    Wests Tigers v Manly *LIVE SPOILERS

    Agree his a grub
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    Dale Finucane

    I bet If we get him the calf problems will get worse and be another packer just what we need I don't know who we could go for but should be a lock in there prime or coming into it not someone looking for his last contract
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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    Which fifita if its the one that went to gold Coast then I wouldn't be giving him the cash would have to be for someone actually like David f if it was Andrew I still wouldn't unless it was like him in his prime which we won't get
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    Live Game Thread - R15 Tigers v Storm

    This is pathetic
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    Signing Suggestions & Rumours Discussion

    Would be great if tpj signs but not getting my hopes up until it's on the clubs site
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    **live game feed** vs the Eels

    I'll say it now jtj isn't a winger good thing we got Ken m would be surprised to see him back in the team once he's here
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    Wests Tigers side to take on Eels

    I'm guessing if mbye is out Walters will go into the halves and if Joe is out then seyfarth to lock and hopefully tuilagi onto the bench
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    Good to here about fitzgibbon do we have gebbie for this year only or next year aswell? Maybe if he has some time to grow he could get here but fitz definitely at the moment would get here before him
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    **live game feed** vs the Panthers

    I don't even care if panthers were understrength im glad we won and we could be the only team to beat them hope this gives us heaps of confidence to go into next game
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    **live game feed** vs the Panthers

    Been goin crazy this game has been good and my mates internet has been cutting out 😂😂