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    Australia Day

    I am going to go against the grain here…. change the date - May 8 Maaa8te! There was a lot of genocide.. for those that might be interested in some of the more gruesome history there is a book called 'Blood on the Wattle'. Unfortunately, what we were taught in schools was not the whole truth, it...
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    Fallen Soldiers

    Thanks, although not really 'back', just stopping by :slight_smile: Great to see so many familiar usernames still around though :slight_smile:
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    Fallen Soldiers

    Yeah I am great thanks :slight_smile: Hmm sounds like you know what the message was about?? No I didn't understand the message, I don't think it was meant for me. Hope you are well too :slight_smile:
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    Fallen Soldiers

    Thanks for the mention. I didn't know this place was still kicking, I thought facebook may have taken over all the banter these days. I stumbled back here thanks to an inbox message notification. Hope everyone is doing well. UTT!!
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    Still around??

    There is also a facebook page The facebook page is not run by the club.
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    Still around??

    There was a big supporter group at one time but it has died off over the last few years. Fortunately the club opted to take on the Jungle concept and have been working with a small group of dedicated supporters in making a special membership and helping the group grow. We are only 4 rounds into...
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    The Jungle

    I was worried the drummers would be too overpowering but I thought they were very good in their balance of when and when not to drum. A lot of people came down to see them and were really enjoying it. The feedback on the day suggested that the drummers should stay. I am thinking it is a one off...
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    The Jungle

    Great work Wests Tigers!! The shirts looked fantastic!! And those drummers sure did bring a crowd.
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    Rest in Peace Tigergran

    I was so happy seeing the award going to such a deserving woman. Nice touch with Beau getting that try too \ \ _Posted using RoarFEED 2012_
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    I love him! Had him as last try scorer for the raiders game - he was paying $61, would of been great! I wasn't far off, we were just too good for his try to be the last. \ \ _Posted using RoarFEED 2012_
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    BRET Side To Face Wentworthville

    I presume normal game day cost even if not attending first grade then?? Bummer for me as I have commitments later in the afternoon \ \ _Posted using RoarFEED 2012_
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    I am shocked the vote is so close! I must of missed the expensive advertising campaign in support of the tax? Anyway – here is a video I found interesting that explains the carbon in the atmosphere and how much of it we contribute.
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    NSW State Cup

    And they are only realising these factors now??? Pretty sure MANY of us were screaming out about these issues a long time ago.
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    Where are they now?.. And what are they doin??

    haha how funny. The people you run into in this place :stuck_out_tongue:
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    Gibbs with Benji and Beau on the Footy show

    I only got through 3/4 of this topic and I stopped reading because it peeved me off. Get your heads out of the sand - Gibbs was stiffed by the club! Money wasn't his issue he signed his contract and was promoted as a tiger for life only to be told good bye and good luck. Spot on about beau and...