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May 5, 2019
9 News ran a story last night advising the State Govt is still deciding whether to take up the site for one of the tunnel projects. Until then, its future is undecided.


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May 17, 2013
Remember sleeping out the back of the old club in my Ute after a home game in the days when you had a very close association with the players after the game. The Chinese meals were good if I remember correctly

Tiger Tragic

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Jun 12, 2019
Well done Darcy Byrne (and others) who pushed the NSW government to either give it back to the owner to develop as submitted or pay him/her out after almost 2 years of inaction on the plan to use it as a Western Harbour Tunnel dump site.

I hope the owner takes the NSW govt to court for the financial impact of their arrogant inaction.


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Jul 18, 2015

Balmain Leagues site can be rebuilt after government ditches dump plan​

May 17, 2022 — 6.50pm
Twelve years after it was shuttered, the derelict Balmain Leagues Club is finally ready for a rebuild after the state government ditched plans to use the Rozelle site as a dirt dump during construction of the Western Harbour Tunnel.
Transport for NSW announced on Tuesday it no longer needed the Victoria Road block for the mega-project, which is due to begin construction in the middle of this year and open in 2027.
The burnt-out former Balmain Leagues Club site on Victoria Road in Rozelle, following a fire on May 14. Edwina Picklesnone
Chinese developer Heworth can now proceed with plans, approved in 2020, to rebuild a Wests Tigers Leagues Club alongside 167 apartments, a town square, arts studio and supermarket, originally valued at $400 million.
Heworth’s head of property Christopher Walsh said the developer was relieved “this four-year debacle now looks to be over, notwithstanding the unresolved matter of compensation”.
The firm intended to progress the plans and would meet with the club and other stakeholders, he said. “As a result of the indecision over the use of the site, we’ve suffered enormous financial losses and our plans to deliver a new club for the Balmain Tigers and their members has been delayed.”
Last week, the Inner West Council unanimously voted to condemn Transport for NSW after a fire tore through the abandoned premises the previous weekend, and it called on the state government to declare its intentions for the site.
The Balmain Leagues Club redevelopment has been “coming soon” for many years. Brook Mitchellnone
Labor mayor Darcy Byrne welcomed the news the block was no longer required for the tunnel but said the building needed to be knocked down as soon as possible to ensure the site was safe.
“It’s bizarre that the government has sat on the site for two years whilst multiple fires have taken place and are now reversing their position and handing the site back,” Byrne said.
Last year Walsh told the Herald the Rozelle community was impatient to move on from the 28,000 square metre “eyesore” that had sullied the landscape for more than a decade, while then Wests Tigers chief Simon Cook said it was not guaranteed the club would ever return to Rozelle.
Wests Tigers chief executive Justin Pascoe and the club were contacted for comment on Tuesday evening.
The proposed route of the Western Harbour Tunnel. Suppliednone
In a statement, Transport for NSW said: “Transport understands the impact major projects have on communities and is always looking for ways to mitigate these impacts and deliver positive outcomes. Transport is now working with affected stakeholders on next steps.”
The multibillion-dollar, 6.5km Western Harbour Tunnel will connect the Warringah Freeway in Cammeray to the Rozelle interchange in the inner west. Later, it will link up with the planned Beaches Link tunnel through to Northbridge and Balgowlah.
Last year the government made wholesale changes to the delivery of the project, including moving away from a proposed public-private partnership, which pushed the completion date out by more than a year.


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Sep 14, 2021
You sure Balmain weren't selling off the Pokie Licenses mate - I remember something at the time they were selling off assets (Pokies) to keep trading - Someone found out and it was an issue....
I remember this you are partly correct you have a licence to hold poker machines and let's say 100 pokies then each individual machine has a licence and a machine licence at the time I think was around 280K and today around 500K the Tigers sold off some machine licences

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