Congrats Fans. We Take The Spoon Next Week.

Whether we finish 14th 15th or 16th which has this name attached to it, does not make one iota of a difference,

The difference i'm worried about is how and what difference of improvements will the team display to us next season?
Oh it will matter. Trust me. The club may try and brush it off but the media and the fan base will not let them live it down.
They say forwards win matches, backs decide by how much, LL was bludging for weeks, Kelma is doing the same, Garner, who we apparently did not offer a contract is still putting in, no one in KOE to replace Kelma else I’d have him mowing lawns.
When is the NRL going to do something about an even playing field between a club and a contracted player who is sulking, surely they should be in breach of contract, measured against their average stats
Sad thing is, I'm not even bothered by today's loss. I'm not sure whether I just don't care anymore or I've learnt to accept we will probably not make the 8 for another 10 years.
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Tigers win the spoon .. Someone has the honours to smack Brooks over the ass.
Keep hitting, the smacks must add up to all the mistakes he's accumulated.

Then save the best for last.

Pascoe's turn ..

But gotta make sure you apply enough whiplash, so the spoon breaks in half over his legs !

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