Friday v knights Observations


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Jul 13, 2009
Hello all i have been away went down to Melbourne for a few days so I only got to see the game last night as you may as well be in Spain for all the league coverage you get down there. Anyway after watching the game i have some observations and comments i like to share and put out there:

1: Fitz was pretty solid at FB and I think shoud remain there with Beau moving back to the wing. His biggest critism is too many drop balls but look solid under th bomb and looks with the ball in hand more likely to bust the line than BR. :smiley:

2: I know it's not new but what exactly is Channel 9's commentary teams problem with the Tigers. Every call against the Knights was a poor one in there opinion and they constantly gave them excuses re players out but not one mention of all the players we have out. What ever happened to level unbiased reporting? Andrew Johns please stop drinking and stick to coaching. :deadhorse:

3: If i hear one more thing how Melbourne is the sporting capital of Australia I will not be happy. You pick up any Sydney paper and turn to the back page or middle sporting section you will find with an obvious weight to RL a fairly even balance of paper and column inches to various sports. Pick up a Mexican paper and on any given day have to get through at least 5 pages of AFL before to get possibly 1 or 2 pages on other sports and naff all on RL. As a side it's not just sport you read the news for anything outside Victoria, good luck! They don;t show the NRL Footy show after the AFL the reverse as we do and on Friday night on Ch9 at 19:30 no AFL game so what a great opportinity to show Knights v Tigers you would think…no Top Gear and crap movie and the NRL game at midnight. Sporting Captial of the country my codlings! :brick:

4: and finally as i know you have better things to do I thought we look pretty good despite the weather the pressure they were under. Lui looked better as the game went on and has to kick a lot more and get into 1st receiver more, let Benji be Benji. Robbie was awesome as was the pack especially Heino, Ellis and Simon Dwyer. :master:

Oh and finally finally Rabs please please retire you don;t comment on the game anymore and can't get half the players names right when you try. Get Warren smith from Fox or give Vossy the gig as he knows the sport he is commentating on and obviously takes time to research the game and find WHO the players are. :pray:



What about the sunday roasts snubbing of the Wests Magpies herritage jersery.Ray Warren went further to say they should put orange on the numbers.Both clubs need to be honoured + remembered for their long proud histories.Get your fingers on your keys + blast their disrespect of the Mighty Magpies <>they want us to die + roll over????????????????????????????????????????</>


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Aug 18, 2009
Yeah supposedly you only get NRL news when a player or club has done the wrong thing.
I moved to QLD a couple of years ago and all you get here is stories on the QLD teams. Cant imagine what it was like when they only had the Broncos. Most people round my way hate the broncos too. I think they've been overwhelmed for long time.

On the Tigers I agree. I've got no problem if Fitzy gets another go at fullback. He handled the bombs, did plenty of dummy half work and chimed in nicely with Farah and benji on one line break up the guts (Heighno's run maybe). That miss tackle on Rogers was poor. Ryan probably would have got him.

Completion, completion, completion! When we get through our sets with minimal errors and penalties given away, the forwards can compete with most packs. If they get too much work they lose all impact in attack especially. Its on the back of a good completion rate leading into the majority of possession that our halves and backs excell.

Completion rate is everything in 2010\. Its the same for every team. We cant play pretty early, we have to get in that arm wrestle and win it before the slick plays are pulled out.