The near test ahead ...


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Mar 8, 2010
Brisbane via Leichardt
We are on 20 points but have had two byes. Some suggest that our third placing could be a little artificial. I hope to god we win the next few games as it will silence all doubters. We face the Dragons and then the Broncos. The Titans have more wins than us although are 4th on the same points, just missing their second bye. Manly have the same wins also missing a bye. In terms of the ladder, in the round following our clash with the Dragons, the Titans, Eagles and Bunnies all have byes - guaranteed two points. If we lose to either the Dragons or the Broncos, our clash with the Titans will be critical if we want to stay in the top 5\. All three games at this point in the season will be bigger than any other game so far (except maybe the eels early on, but for me it was too early in the season to figure IMO). If we lose all three, I will be very very concerned. If we win only 1, we are scraping for the top eight again. If we win two, we are true contenders. Win three, well, then I im booking my helicopter entrance to the grand final!


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Sep 27, 2009
If we win the weekend when those teams have the bye then that cancels their advantage.It seems this year our destiny is in our hands,we are very well placed.

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