Very interesting re our wins/losses


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Jul 14, 2009
Look at who played with Benji in the halves. Our wins and losses when we have a natural half with him:

**Round 1 V Manly - Win - Lui**
Round 2 V Roosters - Loss - Lui
**Round 3 V Parra - Win - Moltzen
Round 4 V Raiders - Win - Moltzen
Round 5 V Cowboys - Win - Moltzen**
Round 6 V Dogs - Loss - Lazarus
Round 7 V Panthers - Loss - Lazarus/Fitzhenry
Round 8 V Roosters - Loss - Farah
Round 10 V Souths - Loss - Lui
**Round 11 V Knights - Win - Lui
Round 12 V Warriors - Win - Lui
Round 13 V Dogs - Win - Lui
Round 15 V Raiders - Win - Lui**
Round 16 V Dragons - Loss - Ayshford
**Round 17 V Broncos - Win - Lawrence**

We have had a natural half with Benji for 10 games, of which we have won 8.

We have had a makeshift half next to him for 5 games, of which we have won 1.

It's no coincidence that Benji has played his best when he has Lui or Moltz there with him, they take the pressure off him and it benefits the team as a whole. We win 80% of games with two natural halves.

Not for one second do I, or anybody else on here, think that Lui is a world beater. However the stats dont lie, we've won 5 of the 6 games he has completed. The fact that Lui is at this stage still a pretty average player speaks more so about the importance of having natural halves on the field together.


You are better off getting any half from the state cup and sticking them in, you simply cant manufacture halves at this level. Yes Lazarus was given a go but he was played mainly on the wing and at fullback. If Lui gets injured again Sheens has to pick one of the 6s or 7s from BRET, the magpies or the 20s.


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Apr 27, 2010
Interesting isn't a word to describe, more to the tone of obvious would suit :p


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Jul 12, 2009
I would modify "manufacturing a half doesn't work" to

Manufacturing a half doesn't work for us.

E.G. Cooper Cronk


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Jul 16, 2009
I agree, makeshift halves don't work.

Lawrence played reasonably well last night, but they should try everything to keep him in the centres.

I'm looking foward to seeing Lui back, the kid is starting to blossom in the 7 jersey, in April I had Moltzen a long way in front Lui, but now he's really challenging him in the quest to become the permanent 7.

Moltzen could stuggle to find a starting spot in the team next year as, it looks like we'll resign Mckinnon at fullback and Lui is playing well at halfback.

I'm sure Moltzen will still be in the team next year, I'd love to see him play 5/8 at some stage.