Wests Tigers Merch

I don't feel the Magpies side of the Merger has an even representation on that design?
(Understanding it's a Balmain thread) Odd the hat is a labelled a Wests Tigers hat?

Remember a while back seeing something that the NRL considered Balmain the Heritage club for WT's with merch because of the Tigers thing...

But yes weird that they have Balmain under Wests Tigers
Best & Less quality.

Not impressed.
Sorry lads.

The training shorts look good again though.
Best thing about Best & Less stuff is no sponsors, and considering we have the ugliest sponsorship stencilling in the comp that is a huge win IMO.
I would pay an extra $50 for a WT cleanskin jersey with no rubbish advertising all over it, the club should look at that option with a bit of its merchandise because I'd bet money that a lot of people refuse to buy our gear because of the eyesore sponsors logos pasted all over it.
Where is that from? Strange that they don't at least have the Wests Tigers wording on it but maybe the club have ditched that in favour of just the logo? Wonder if they have a black one, would look at getting one of them if they do.
They're releasing single item posts on Facebook... First was the cap above then the Tshirt.... I've seen training shorts too

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