2023 Pre Season

I mentioned this earlier in the year - apart from the eleventy eight players we have turned over there is one key ingredient that is missing from our Tigpies over the last few years. Leadership

You are 100% right about individuals being changed by their surroundings. Like CC has outlined above I have seen plenty of lazy, smart arsed kids turned into touch, hard and fair men during my time in the Army. What changed them - in most cases you could put it down to leadership and mateship. A few required a couple of trips behind the shed to be straightened out, but most not.

The mates I served with are mates for life though shared experiences - both good and bad. A lot can come from our ten year struggles if we get the right leaders to get our team believing in themselves and their mates.

The darkest hour is before the sun rises - I trust the coaching staff are focussed during this pre-season on the development of real leaders that inspire our youth to become what they believe instead of just talking about it.

Mauybe a couple of love taps wouldn't go a astray on a couple of them!

Cheers n Beers
Hope klem & joffa show the young lads the benefit of hard work, grit your teeth time. Summon the blood and stiffen the sinews.
Strong independent Lady I thought you meant, not Sister-in-law 🤣

I didn't know where you were going with that. I got it now.

My wife isn't a pushover but I have the ability to turn the hearing aids down when she is talking so it's all good on that side.

My dad goes one better. He refuses to get hearing aids because they are too expensive or so he says.
Keen for Klem to work out. As others have said though we've seen these headlines before re: Tamou, Madge newfound training effort, new leadership etc. Sorry to be a downer, really like all the updates people are providing and it's the best time of year to be positive!

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