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Jun 10, 2019
As soon as there is an offload you have to find your centres. That's what I saw in our two wins against Cowboys and Broncos. Kepaoa has been playing well with good early ball. Get them two and two and you can cause havoc to a defensive line.


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Mar 19, 2016
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Sad, but oh so true regarding those alongside. Except the winger, that almost always gets it one or two passes earlier than he should through a cut-out pass, thus losing the opportunity that would see them unmarked.

One would have plenty of fingers left if counting the number of times Roberts has gotten decent service on that right side since here, so not just Adam either. I cannot recall a single situation where he has got early ball, and happy for anyone to remind me if there has been an occasion?
You are right, he hasn't got any decent ball since he has been with us.

Would just like to see if he has any pace left these days.

The closest I have seen was probably in a preseason game last year when he pounced on a kick into the in goal area to score a try.

That is all I can remember seeing him get as far as worthwhile opportunities go in just on 2 years.

Someone else on here suggested that he would be getting some good ball off Jock Madden but that would no doubt have been dependent on Jock developing a 40-50 metres left to right cut out pass during the last week, which is what would be required with Jock being on the left and the Jet being on the right hand side of the field.

He won't get too many opportunities with Doueihi.
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