Harry Seidler’s Australia Square, Sydney’s first skyscraper.
1968 and 2023
I used to live on Parramatta Rd in Stanmore where my mother had a hairdressing salon. I often used to play in the old movie theatre building which once was even a roller skating ring. I used to climb across the rafters with a 50 foot maybe more drop to the old floor. I often frequented the old milk bar but always felt you were taking your life in your own hands. The place back then early 70s had faded signs and a decor that looked outdated.
Lived on Parra Rd Croydon near rosebank.
So much stuff to do playing on the street back then around there.
When I went to Ashfield bhs we used to jig school a bit and smoke the wacky tobakky.
The old masonic hall near the station was empty for years and a few mates burnt it down accidentally... Lucky I was busted for something else at school and was sitting out side the firm masters office when I heard the fires heading down there
Big bug trouble those lads were in... Court at yasmar and doing time for some also.

The old abandoned servo between Parra and Liverpool road was a good place to muck around

Th e things we got up to as kids on the streets I see some of the younger gen missed... They've lived sheltered lives
UK cricket fans, 1988, actually favoured music scores more ........ ;)

Jeff Lynne, George Harrison, Eric Clapton and Elton John
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