Starford To’a #253

Luke Brooks #1 Fan

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Jun 10, 2019
Idk about you guys but I rate To'a highly. Misses tackles but almost always puts himself in the right position to make them, which is more than you could say about some of our previous centres who would often be tackling air. Some more work on his technique over the off season and he could be an out-and-out first grade centre.

tony soprano

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May 7, 2019
On re watching the game this guy deserves a rap..

Chased hard forces King Turdo into error ..

Defended well up against Papali'i all game

Massive run in the lead up to Nofoaluma's 1st TRY..

Picks up a lose ball with an incisive run and quick play the ball for Nofaoluma's 2nd TRY..

Must stay in the team for the rest of the year..has something about him..



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Sep 14, 2021
Him, Kepaoa and Naden are all decent attacking centres. They're all a worry in defence, but at least they gave one half of the game under wraps which is more than what our recent centres have been able to manage.
Alot of people forget Naden has just played his 50 game he should kick on now and AJ a handful he has so much upside along with Star you can not say that about Nofo ...Nofo has peaked at the Tiger's all downhill from here along with Brooks but maybe Sheenius will get more out of Brooks...