Jayden "Bud" Sullivan #278

i believe last year Benji had a say on every signing for the future, Lee, Scott and Justin had a say too, but i believe Benji had the ultimate say, so Benji cant be lost in all this signing of this Dud
You believe Benji had the ultimate say, is not the same as actually knowing d_f.
I think he's a talented player but it's not working for him at the moment. He doesn't do anything with any kind of intensity.
I think the UK would be a good move for him for the next 2-3 years like other young halves have done.
What nationality is he, in other words is he Aboriginal/1st Nations.
Not a fan of Laurie.
Seeing the same nonsense again from Sullivan.

Gotta avoid these players / personalities.
I wish I was seeing half of Laurie’s attacking skills in bud. But if the dragqueens won the gf I don’t think Bud would be hanging out a window with his dragon jersey on. I was a little concerned when we signed him that he was a show and go 5/8 and that’s it. Turns out I might be correct. But everyone was fairly happy we had someone other than Luke , douhie, and wakeham.
It was stated on here more than a few times that Benji had the final say on all signings for for the squad,having said that we all make mistakes
There may have been one occasion when he was vetoed? And another when the robust discussions almost won out (Sezer). He wanted that halfback who kicked 2x40/20s against Penrith in the wet, but the club couldn’t find another $150k.
Confidence doesn't have to entirely come from within Hb61.
If you/me/whoever is married to the rite person, he or she can build your confidence and bring out the Best in you so you go on and achieve bigger and better things.
I reckon the same applies to Benji and in this case Bud Sezer.
So, it's 'possible' Benji can still get Bud to come out of himself and perform at a much higher level.
Some people get it quickly, others take a bit longer.
Good points BZN.
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