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Apr 24, 2016
Some impressive Harold Matts performances in today's Westfields win in the Schoolboys Cup:

Westfields halves Lachlan Galvin and Blaize Talagi have sent a shockwave through the Peter Mulholland Cup, spearheading a dominant win over rivals Patrician Brothers Blacktown.
Any pre-game thought of Patrician Brothers success in recent meetings between the schools was obliterated at Bluebet Stadium as Westfields slick backline and barnstorming forward pack notched a half century in the 54-10 win.

It was billed as a heavyweight bout, but if it was in a ring, the towel would have been well and truly thrown by the end of the first half as Westfields dominated their arch-rivals.

Westfields star Kit Laulilii busts through a tackle. Pic: Richard Dobson.

Westfields star Kit Laulilii busts through a tackle. Pic: Richard Dobson.
It was the school’s representative players who stood tall tearing up the middle of the park and exploiting some lacklustre defence from the Patrician Brothers middles.

Da Silva scored a double backing up out of dummy-half while Talagi played a key role in most of the visitors four-pointers as they stormed out to a 22-point lead at halftime, before going on with the game after the break.

Fellow NSW CHS representative Solomone Saukuru showed why selectors have locked him in for the ASSRL National Championships in Redcliffe next week, leaving defenders in his wake with every charging run.

Luke Laulilii sprints away to score a try. Pic: Richard Dobson.

Luke Laulilii sprints away to score a try. Pic: Richard Dobson.
Lachlan Galvin adds to the Westfields score. Pic: Richard Dobson.

Lachlan Galvin adds to the Westfields score. Pic: Richard Dobson.
The backrower scored a barnstorming try in the first half and worked hard off the outside shoulder of impressive halfback Lachlan Galvin.

The Westfields Sports High left-edge proved near unstoppable in the opening half, breaking down their opposition with hard running and smart lines.

While Patrician Brothers showed signs of fight at the back end of the first half and even started the second on the front foot with a slick try to backrower Jordan Faleono, they couldn’t go with their hot-handed rivals who ran away with the contest.

A long-range try to fullback Luke Laulilii and sweeping backline play for winger Will Craig to dive across in the corner put the icing on a comprehensive performance

Westfields proved far too strong. Pic: Richard Dobson.

Westfields proved far too strong. Pic: Richard Dobson.
Westfields 54 (Tallyn Da Silva 2, Lachlan Galvin 2, Will Craig 2, Solomone Saukuru, Mohamed Alameddine, Sam Tuivati, Luke Laulilii tries; Alameddine 6/9, Da Silva 1/1 goals) def Patrician Brothers Blacktown 10 (Ben Zahra, Jordan Faleono tries; John-Paul Donevsky 1/2 goals)
Awesome stuff.
4 of the Try Scorers and Kit Lauliti our captain of the HM side this year.
Long bow but to me this and those players are the start of our future right there.
They are in the same team in junior reps and go to the same school and represent.
This group needs to be our future first graders and we build around it. That’s why I joke about a premiership in 2032 but in reality those boys would be 27 odd by then and in their prime.

Question though, isn’t Westsfields in Parramatta’s catchment?
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Apr 19, 2015
it'll be interesting to see where Galvin ends up long term. played in the back row for Matts but did a job at 5/8 when Mason was out and now playing halfback for Westfields. similar to Schuster in the sense that he can do both at a high level. I guess it'll ultimately depend on how his body develops and whether Mason and Keppie continue to progress.


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Apr 28, 2021
As the Under 19s State of Origin approaches, The Inner Sanctum will be delivering player profiles, interviews and information about the New South Wales squad members. These relatively unknown players are the future stars of the next generation. First…Brandon Tumeth

The young second-rower has been a force in the forward pack and is one of two Wests Tigers pathways players in the New South Wales squad.

Playing for the Concord Burwood Wolves at junior level in the Balmain system, his skills have developed tremendously.

With Luciano Leilua leaving the Tigers for the Cowboys and Kelma Tuilagi leaving for Manly at the end of the year, the Tigers are hoping Tumeth can live up to his full potential.

Still only 19 years old, Tumeth will hope to impress in the encounter on Thursday with his contract coming to a close. This may be the one major chance he will have to secure a new contract with the Tigers.

Over the years the Wests Tigers have developed many great back-rowers. These players include Ava Seumanufagai, Simon Dwyer and Curtis Sironen. Could Tumeth be the next big thing to come out of Balmain?

What was the feeling like when you were selected into the New South Wales Under 19s Squad?

“It was pretty good. I wasn’t expecting it but it’s a good feeling.”

What players have you learnt the most from?

“Definitely players in my position, (you have) Luke Garner (and) Luciano Leilua. They (the Wests Tigers team) all taught me a lot and I probably look up to those two players. I say ‘help me’ as much as possible.”

Do you have any words of advice to kids growing up and wanting to represent their state in the future?

“It’s the things you do behind the scenes. Everyone can see you out on the field training and putting in the work out there. But, it’s the little things you do, sleeping well, getting your extras, eating well and all that.”


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Oct 21, 2011
Will get his chance next year unfortunately the club combos of other players has been a big factor.
Not sure about that, he is a long way off what he has showed in the past & hasn’t even cracked at South’s, I was expecting a projection similar to Blake Mozer’s


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Dec 5, 2020
You get the feeling something is building at WTs with all the young talent. It seems like we need a Ciraldo or Morris to bring it together.
You mean a "Development Coach", please use the current terminology.
We are not on or off a bus any more.


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Dec 19, 2019
Good luck to our origin forwards tonight. If that doesn’t inspire movement I don’t know what will.


Jun 23, 2022
Thoughts on he's position.

Looks good in front row.

Probably a 13?
Probably 13. Has showed good leg speed but he’s playing that link man role in the middle despite playing prop. He’s thrown some good passes out the back - all on the money. I believe he’s played 5/8 coming up and those skills have been evident.

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Nov 20, 2021
Inside of you
Both tumeth and mata played well tonight. Infact better then well. Mata is our next ball playing lock and i could see the raps on tumeth. Gotta remember though still boys playing v boys.
Yes they looked good against their own.
Still need some time before they can regularly take on grown men built like bridge pylons though. Maybe give them a taste later in the year, but for now, everyone needs to calm down and let them develop.

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