Late charge


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Jul 14, 2009
I feel the WT are due for a form slump reversal over the next month as the competition is getting down to the business end.
The past three weeks, the team has played well below par and potential and have escaped on the better end of the results for a change. 3 shockers and 2/3 has given the WT an edge over the previous 4 seasons with more games in hand to account for losses to make the finals.
What usually happened in the past is, the WT play well and DONT get the competition points, and then play rubbish and deservedly not get the points. Leaving them scratching their heads come September.
Usually this time of year the club begins their countdown of what percentage of games they need to win to make the playoffs, but given the recent results they find themselves in a much better suited position even with a tough draw ahead.
The team has played poorly and come away with the 4 competition points against the Raiders and Broncos.
So over the next few weeks, i see a form reversal where the WT will begin to get it together and rightfully come away with the bickies.
Whether they win or lose the next 3-4 matches, the most crucial thing for the squad to focus on is consistency and cohesion. This will ensure they can give themselves the best opportunity to take out the 2010 Bradbury Cup.



Hopefully the Tigers click soon, we've been waiting for them to turn it on all season, and bar a few halves of football where they have really carved up, there hasn't really been a game where they have come out and clicked from the get-go. Hopefully they can lift in front of what should be some big home crowds over the next couple of weeks.


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Jul 16, 2009
We may only have to win 3 more games.

Cut-off mid way through this season was 14, if you work on the law of averages, that would tell you we only need 28 points to qualify.

However the past 2 seasons, the cut-off has been above 28 so I wouldn't be suprised if the cut off reached 30.


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Jul 10, 2009
...ahead of you....
More likely will be less points reqd seeing as less teams are competing and in reality 8th will be 9th given that Melb continue to win their share of matches they have been


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Jul 13, 2009
With the Groovy Ghoulies
9 games left.
4 more wins, will most probably secure a top 8 finish.
5 wins would be better and maybe top 4 finish
we saw what happended in 2007, do not want that to happen ever again.
do not want to have them thinking, if we drop this game, there are plenty of game left, we will be right, we can catch up.
focus on game in front of them.
play like there will be no tomorrow.
leave no questions un-answered.
once that game over if a loss occurs, fix it up for next game.