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stryker 69

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Nov 20, 2021
Inside of you
Oh come on, over the top aren't you, your true colours are coming out now, crude jokes about women, talking up your home invasion and intimidating people days and now this, your into torture and depravity so it seems.
Should we make the police aware of all this crap you go on about. Should any of us on the forum need to be concerned about you?


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Nov 10, 2017
Firstly I lack the emotions and empathy most humans have, got me into bad situations that I then realised we’re wrong, and wasn’t me, and I am pretty sure I said that, it was during the lodge discussion. I deleted what I said soon after, I wasn’t glorifying what happened.
The joke, it was a joke I’ve told my Mrs and although she doesn’t roll around on the floor laughing she gets the joke and it’s shock value in today’s age and veiw, but she gets my humour it’s dark sometimes. She does also say that not many can handle my sense of humour and most humans need more time before something can be joked about. I don’t quiet get that but I do try to understand and quite often ask if it’s time yet. You took offence and I deleted it immediately and apologised. My father was no good and I was raise by women, and if my nana thought I was being disrespectful to women she turn in her grave. Although she was cremated. Sorry a little bit of dark humour there. But that may help you understand me, I can joke about my nana whose is dead and who was my legend of my life. I don’t mean to offend.
When it comes to movies I like to try to shock me and remember I lack emotion and empathy, and I seen and experienced a lot of terrible things growing up, so it takes a bit to shock me.
Lastly, I thought it was you who started some thread about schizophrenics, I am not sure, again don’t take offence if it wasn’t. When I was young I was told the voices in your head are yours and you don’t have to do what they say and you can change what they say. All my depravity is kept in house.
Anyway my mrs says I’m almost human now and I’m a softey, nearly cried watching Hoare talking about his grandfather this morning so I have leant empathy.
Go the Tigers!!!
Ill start a conversation bro 👍